Today I stopped over to the Juice Hive to get my favorite smoothie, Hong Kong Speed!  I always get this one because it has Maca in its ingredients.  Maca is known for its healing properties and it is a immune booster.  Maca is an ingredient I need to help me heal after an injury I incurred about two weeks ago.  Plus it taste good! With Strawberry and Avocados and Banana, you got yourself a tasty treat!  I ordered more Avocado from the Rise & Shine breakfast by getting the Avocado Egg Smash.  It was light with little bursts of butter taste that left your mouth watering for more.  The organic Super Grain bread was a great way to finish off the meal.  As I waited for my food to be fixed, I found a Unicorn!  It was on a zipper pouch among some other super funky designs.  The pouch is totally made out of recycled materials (about 95% of it) and has this coating on the outside of it that really makes it feel good in your hands.  I had to get the Unicorn one just so that I can always stay focused on my new store Unicorn Tropic (well and of course because I love Unicorns). I’m totally going to use mine as a tote for my mini iPad and my cell phone when I’m on the go.  Plus, you will just feel good knowing that you are helping the planet. Here are some my favorite designs (click the pic if you would like to purchase them):